Know the Simple Tips to Buy Vitamin K

Many people may not know whether they can afford to buy Vitamin K. In fact it is very expensive nutrition. That is why nature has provided enough and deficiency is generally not common. Do not worry too much. However it is better to know the consequences in case of deficiency and prevention is better than care.

If you want to buy Vitamin K, the best source is the natural food. Meat products especially liver and eggs are rich in Vitamin K. Carrot, broccoli, spinach and soy beans are also having Vitamin K. Fermented yoghurt is another source of Vitamin K. However it is not precisely known the quantum of this nutrition in each and every natural food. That is the reason for many people to go in favour of genuine Vitamin K supplement.

If you want to buy Vitamin K supplement, you should bear in mind the following.

Do not go for cheap products. Vitamin K is very expensive. The natural form of Vitamin K is the Vitamin K2. It is synthesized in our large intestine with certain bacteria. It is called menaquinone. One should have at least 180 mcg of this vitamin twice a day. Look out for dosage when you select the product.

Do not go for only Vitamin K supplement. Go for multi nutrition supplement. This is because multi nutrition only will guarantee strong liver and intestine that can synthesize this vitamin.

Do not go for ordinary capsule and go for enteric coated format when you buy Vitamin K supplement. This will guarantee that this expensive nutrition reaches the pancreas and the full benefit is derived. Thus you will see value for money.

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