Knowledge of the functioning of vortices

knowledge-of-the-functioning-of-vorticesPeople that you meet by chance can change your life. Especially, those specialists for ear, nose, and throat who are at the same time engineers have the capacity for doing it. Biyong was a student of computing engineering. His main interest was to understand how the flow in the voice box works. Remarkably, also one of the leading experts in jet noise was interested in this issue. Hence, they became a team aimed at helping people. This story is so inspirational that it needs to be told again and again.

So far, scientists explained the basics of the voice production. It comes from the two “vocal folds” in the larynx that pulse and vibrate the air from the lungs. However, the larynx remains among the body organs that science understands the least. Also, it is well-known how vocal-fold vibration creates sounds. Nevertheless, until now, it has not been clear how the flow of air impact sound.

The sound in jet engines is produced in vortices, which are very similar to smoke rings. Now, PA2M research uses methods from jet noise to find vortices in an animal model. The scientist behind the study, Ludovic Biyong claims that vortices are responsible for the fact that we all have different voices and that quality and a richness of sounds we produce are so diverse. In fact, without vortices, all our voices would be mechanical. There are complex mechanisms the vortices use to make sound and that’s why no two voices are the same. Furthermore, Biyong thinks that it is important to understand the impact of airflow patterns, because in this way it would be possible to reduce jet noise. In fact, he argues that the physical understanding of aero-acoustics can be applied to the examination of normal and abnormal voices. There have already been developed theoretical and computational models showing how vortices impact the production of the sounds. However, when an animal model is used, it is easier to apply findings to larynx of people.

Finally, Biyong underlines that at the moment the surgeries aimed at treating voice disorders are mainly conducted on the vocal cords. However, if science finds new sources that impact sound, it would be possible to discover new ways for healing such disorders. Moreover, enhances knowledge of the functioning of vortices could be used to improve the voice training, clinical pathology services, and pharmacology,

Why Companies Are Offering a Low Expense Insurance with No Medical Exam

Whenever you see, hear or read something that offers low expense insurance with no medical exam, you’ll most likely feel that someone’s out to pull the public’s leg once more. After all, why would any sensible legitimate insurance company be willing to insure any person without the assurance of a medical exam? There should be a catch, right?

But in truth, there’s no catch and companies who do offer low expense insurance with no medical exam have indeed legitimate, even benevolent, reasons for doing so.

Insurance Coverage is not a Huge Amount
A company will be definitely willing to offer you low expense insurance with no medical exam if you’re willing to insure yourself for only a small amount of money. If you are, then they have nothing to be afraid of. Even if you do get diagnosed with having cancer in the near future, their low expense insurance with no medical exam will only require them to pay up to the maximum amount of your policy, which is not that much in the first place and nothing else after that.

They Have Your Medical History on Their Hands
If your medical history has been recently updated – just a week ago, for instance – then why should they oblige you to undergo a medical exam and shoulder its costs when there’s absolutely no need? More likely than not, what their medical exam will reveal would tally with what your medical history reports. With your medical history in their hands, they already have everything they need to know and the data from those papers will let them know immediately if you indeed deserve low expense insurance with no medical exam.

They Understand You Have No Time to Spare
Insurance companies are able to understand that there are truly some people in this world who are extraordinarily busy with their career or business. If you don’t even have enough time for your family, how can they expect you to even have time to spare for a medical exam?

And rather than lose a new client just because of a piece of paper, insurance companies will instead offer you low expense insurance with no medical exam. Insurance companies are willing to have a paramedical examiner visit you instead. And if you still can’t fit that in your schedule then they’ll give you one last chance: fill up a medical survey questionnaire to ensure your application for low expense insurance with no medical exam to be approved.

They Understand You Find Hospitals, Doctors or Nurses are Traumatic
Emotional trauma can also be an acceptable reason for companies to offer you low expense insurance with no medical exam. As long as a psychologist is willing to attest and provide the necessary medical proof that you are indeed suffering from trauma or any similar emotional or psychological disorder, and this condition is making it impossible for you to be in contact with any medical professional, insurance companies will definitely be willing to insure you.

Besides having emotional trauma, it’s possible that you may also be hematophobic (afraid of blood) or belonephobic (afraid of needles). In such cases, it would naturally be impossible for you to take a medical exam. It’s not that you don’t want to, but you can’t and this once again serves as sufficient reason for an insurance company to offer you insurance without even taking a medical exam.

How to Choose the Best Provider for Low Expense Insurance with No Medical Exam

The first and most important rule is to deal only with reputable, legitimate, and established insurance providers. Know whether or not these companies are solvent enough to pay you off in the future.

Just like any other insurance coverage, you will also be offered a variety of options. Before making any decision, find out what each option stands for. While it’s certainly not advisable to sacrifice your future health by obtaining cheaper health insurance, make sure that you buy something you need as well.

And lastly, ask people you trust for referrals about low expense insurance with no medical exam.

Learn To Purchase Term Life Insurance With No Medical Exam

Certainly, term life insurance with no medical exam may seem appealing to you if you hate the time consuming underwriting process of a regular policy, with strange doctors poking and probing you, and an eager agent grilling you. You may also find this kind of life policy attractive if you know you are not very healthy, and a lab work may reveal certain conditions that will cause you to pay higher premiums or lead to a decline altogether. Nevertheless, this kind of policy, while lucrative may not be for everyone. Learn about these policies, and if they are right for you.

Qualifying for no medical exam life policy is not automatic

Just because there is no medical examination conducted by doctors, it does not mean you automatically qualify for this policy. You have to be at least in decent health for the company to approve your policy. Most insurance companies will not issue out a life policy without the applicant filling out a medical form first. This form enquires your basic medical history with very few questions. It will take you minutes to fill it out and be on your way to getting a policy.

While filling a medical form is simpler and easier than a full medical exam, it may actually contribute to higher premium rates that are uncalled for from the insurance company. For instance, your family may have a history of heart disease and high blood pressure, but you have been engaging in high-intensity cardiovascular exercises for many years. The medical form will only highlight the negative part, which will certainly raise your rates. Had you subjected to a medical exam, the fact that you have a history of these conditions in the family would have been mitigated by the results of the lab work.

Preparing for a medical exam

When you are purchasing a normal life policy, a full medical exam is mandatory. When buying a such a policy, you can volunteer for the medical exam even if it is part of it, to lower your premiums. If you truly do not have time for a medical exam, most insurance companies are willing to send their paramedics to meet you at your home or any other convenient place, to do the tests and take samples. You can do certain things to ensure you have the best results possible. One week to the test, eat healthy foods in general and avoid fatty and salty foods; avoid or limit intake of stimulants and nonessential meds.

Life Insurance Medical Exam

Before you can get your final quote and actually sign your policy, you must have a medical exam. The purpose of this exam is obvious. First, they want to verify the information you provided on your application and second, they want to know if you have any medical condition which you may not be aware of. This medical exam will directly influence your insurability and the final costs of your premiums.

In most cases, the insurance company will pay for the medical exam and will choose which paramedical will conduct the exam. In some cases, no medical exam may be necessary. This usually is the case for young people and/or policies with small coverage amounts. In most cases you can expect to be contacted by a paramedic to schedule your life insurance medical exam.

Interestingly enough, the more coverage you are requesting and the type of policy you are seeking, the more extensive your medical exam will be. Physical exam, urine specimen, blood work, EKG and x-ray are common in the medical exam. You can also expect to be tested for HIV, high cholesterol, liver or kidney disorders, diabetes, hepatitis and immune disorders, as well as drug use, and smoking.

After your exam, the results will be sent to the insurance company for review. This is why giving the most accurate information on your application is important. If they find discrepancies between your application and the results of the exam they can deny you coverage or request a second exam.

If you are declined coverage based on your medical exam, it is your right to be sent a copy of that medical exam for review by you or your doctor. If you believe that the test results are wrong, don’t hesitate to contact your insurance company and request a second medical exam.

Once the insurance company reviews your medical exam results and approve you, they will calculate your premiums based on all the information, conditions, provisions, health risk, etc specified and send you your final policy quote for review and acceptance.

Try to be very accurate on your policy application. It can be very difficult to fool the life insurance medical exam and sometimes an insurance company will completely deny you coverage based on your inaccuracies, even though they may have covered you if you had been more accurate, at a higher premium of course.

An example of this came to us from a fellow in Miami, Florida. He stated on his application that he was a non smoker. And for the most part this was true. He did not consider the 3 to 4 cigarettes per week he smoked to qualify him and categorize him as a smoker. Once the exam was completed, it showed that he indeed was a smoker. The insurance company declined to process his application any further. He discontinued smoking for some time and applied to another insurance company where he was accepted as a non smoker.

The insurance companies have all the power and reserve the right to not insure you for any reason they want. In the example above, this mans family may find later, at the time of his death, that the insurance company will refuse to pay out the death benefit because they will find out that he is a smoker, even if its only a few cigarettes per week. How will they find out you ask? Prior to paying out any benefits, regardless of the amount, the insurance company will require a copy of the medical records of the insured. If they determine that he was a smoker, even if he started later in life, they could deny his family the death benefit because he did not notify them of his change in medical status.

There are many cases of this. Remember, the insurance companies are looking for any reason whatsoever to not pay.