6 Surprising Tips for Penis Health

Every man cares about good penis health. He will go to great lengths to ensure that his sexual health is in the best condition possible, and that includes the basics of penis care – keeping the private regions clean, well-tended and moisturized, as well as protected during any sexual encounters.

But when a man has looked over all the potential penis health tips and simply wants to do something more to ensure the best health possible, this list can help. It’s filled with some of the stranger penis health ideas that can lead a man into the best sexual health of his life.

Strange penis health tips

Need to do something more to make sure the penis is ready for action? Here are a few things to consider.

1. Take a long walk. Though men are probably aware that regular exercise is one of the keys to ensuring good overall health, it also pays to take care of the penis through gentle activity. A good walk of at least two miles per day can result in a 50% decrease in the chances of erectile dysfunction.

2. Get a vasectomy. Sometimes men face sexual health problems because they have serious anxiety. This is especially true if a man has decided he doesn’t want children, or he already has more than enough kids to handle. In that case, getting snipped can be an excellent idea. It reduces anxiety, ups the relaxation level and of course, leads to a more active sex life.

3. Stop cheating. Speaking of anxiety, few things can make a man feel more nervous than the prospect of his wife finding out about his mistress. That kind of anxiety can affect a man’s performance in bed. Besides that, there is the fact that being with more than one partner increases the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

4. Avoid cowgirl. Though it’s one of the most amazing sexual positions a man can enjoy, it can also lead to a serious problem – one that involves fracturing (ouch!) of the penis. When the penis slips out of a partner and hits the pubic bone, it can be best described as running full-tilt into the trunk of a tree – the tree has the same density as that bone does. Since cowgirl is the position that most often leads to this devastating injury, if a man does indulge, he should encourage his partner not to get too wild.

5. Test the blood sugar. Among the reasons that a man might have trouble getting it up, diabetes is at the top of the list. In fact, uncontrolled diabetes can cause so much damage to the smaller blood vessels of the body that erectile dysfunction can become the norm, not the exception. To counter the problem, get regular physicals, know the signs of diabetes and conduct a blood sugar test from time to time to ensure things are where they should be.

6. Yawn like crazy. Sure, it sounds nuts, but yawning is actually good for the body and the penis. Why? A yawn is triggered by nitric oxide, which is the same chemical that triggers erections. When the brain releases nitric oxide, it can affect either breathing or erections – or both. That’s why it’s good to create more of it! Therefore, yawning more often will increase the release of nitric oxide, which in turn can lead to longer or firmer erections. It’s a win-win all around.

In addition to these strange penis health scenarios, a man should keep things simple on a daily basis with a great penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Look for a crème that contains several important nutrients, such as retinol for odor-fighting properties, pantothenic acid for healthy tissue, and vitamin C for better elasticity of the penis. A plethora of vitamins and nutrients in a Shea butter base, enhanced with vitamin E for further hydration, can help ensure maximum penis health.

Where To Buy Bee Pollen – A Look At Getting The Best Supplements For Health and Longevity

 Does It Matter Where I Buy My Bee Pollen?

Yes! Yes, it does matter where you buy your pollen from, it’s not one of those generic household items that are the same regardless of where or what brand you purchase. In fact, to get the best results, you have to buy only the best pollens from a reputable source.

There is no point in buying an inferior brand because it’s cheaper, or at a store you like to shop at. That is because; it’s the quality that provides you the benefits, not its cost or popularity. In this article, we shall take the answer the question of “where to buy bee pollen from?” By taking a look at four different venues to purchase your pollen from, to see which venue provides the best quality for its customers.

The Supermarket: Not the Best Quality Bee Pollen

While the supermarket will undoubtedly offer this supplement at the best price, it will not be offering the best quality at all. Many supermarkets such as Wal-Mart, buy products in bulk, such as pollen supplements from 3rd party suppliers, and then re-brand those products as their own. This often clouds the origins of supermarket pollen in a mystery, because their origins are not listed.

This leads to concerns as to whether the pollen was imported from countries which have the wrong and often toxic environments for producing this supplement such as China, or the Western Coast of Australia.

Health Shops

Health shops are clearly a better place to shop for your pollen products. You can be assured that they will provide as much detail as they possibly can about the products they sell. However, this isn’t always the best possible avenue, as much like the supermarket they could still be buying in bulk and re-branding. But at least the origins are clearer in a health food shop.

Direct From The Apiaries (Bee Hives)

If you’re lucky enough to live near, or have friends who own apiaries, then purchasing direct from the apiaries is definitely an option for you. The only downside with such direct purchases is that the product you buy will not have been sanitized and may even contain particles of bee detritus and fecal matter. Something even the hardiest of stomachs would not want to handle.


Xtend-Life is a health supplements company, and amongst their stock, they sell an invaluable bee pollen supplement. Their product has all of those valuable aspects you should look for when purchasing pollen; origins, nutritional content, encapsulated pollen, customer support and so much more.

You certainly couldn’t ask for more from this company. They are open about all of their products and do everything they can, to empower their customers with the correct knowledge to make informed decisions before they purchase.

In conclusion, if I was asked the question “Where to buy the best bee pollen from?” I would have to answer with Natural Energy Bee Pollen from Xtend-Life, in a heartbeat.

This is due to their impeccable and remarkable standards that set them apart from their competitors. Though if for some reason, you cannot make a purchase online, then the second best option is to purchase your supplements from a local, family-run, health food shop where the staff are knowledgeable and on hand to help.

The Best Health Insurance Telemarketing Script

Developing a working script is one of the essential elements of any health insurance telemarketing strategy. While many companies that provide telecommerce have scripts available its advised that you create your own script, at least as a reference so you are getting the qualified prospects you want. There are many reasons behind this including:

  • You understand your prospects and their needs much better than another script creator ever will.
  • General scripts might have been used by the competition and potential customers could have previously heard them.
  • The script will be designed to generate qualified prospects you want, and will not include extra questions which are irrelevant to your needs.

Even though it is important to use a script made just for you there are a number of approaches that can be used to enhance sales.

  • Uncomplicated scripts are generally the most effective telecommerce scripts. The prospect has to know why you’re calling and why they should be interested within several second of getting on the phone.
  • Get to the point promptly, do not go with your entire sales pitch on a cold call, stick with the essentials.
  • Keep the goal of the call in mind when creating the script. If you are generating a lead or setting an appointment that should be the objective of the call. Nothing else should be included.

Here is a basic script outline you can follow:

Hi, This is NAME with XXX Insurance Company and we are a local health insurance broker here in your city and we specialize in saving individuals like you a lot of money and improve your medical coverage. With all of our plans you get to keep all your current doctors!

Rebuttals to common questions:

  • This isn’t a sales call, we just want to verify some of your information and get out a free quote that can save you money on health insurance.This will only take a couple minutes and could save you thousands of dollars.

I just need to ask you a couple quick questions so we can make sure you are qualified and get you out the lowest rate quotes with the best coverage possible:

  • Are you currently insured?
  • (If yes) who do you currently buy your health insurance from?
  • What is your age?
  • Do you use tobacco?
  • Is there anyone else to be covered with you on the quote? (Wife or kids)
  • What is the best email to send the quotes to?

Thanks for your time. We’ll have one of our agents call you back with an updated health insurance quote, have a great day!

Once you have your script finished its not set in stone. It can require some changes based on the telemarketer’s feedback to get things running smoothly after the calls start to be made. Its also important to write rebuttals for frequently asked questions that callers might be asked.

Don’t Settle When It Comes to Eating Healthy

The foods you put into your body determine your overall health, energy levels, and even your mental well-being. It is important to get into a habit of eating well every day. It should be a lifestyle change and not just something you do for a short time. Most people find that eating better for a few weeks makes a huge impact. They have more energy and feel great!

An outstanding health food store can offer you all you need to eat right and to feel great. It should offer a wide selection of items, fresh items, and also offer reasonable prices. Don’t settle for anything less than that! They should have items in place that are made from quality ingredients.

When you shop at a health food store, it should give you peace of mind that all of the items they offer can offer you healthy benefits. Most consumers don’t have the time to read labels on all they pick up. Shopping at this type of store rather than a typical grocery store though helps to ensure what you are after is going to be found with ease.


Boredom can settle in if you don’t consume a wide variety of foods. Look for a health food store offering plenty of selection. This will ensure you can be creative with what you make to eat. You can try new recipes, put a spin on your favourites, and save money by purchasing items that are in season.

Look for fresh fruits and vegetables you can incorporate into your meals. At the same time, they can make the perfect snack. You shouldn’t feel deprived, go hungry, or eat food that doesn’t taste great in order to eat healthy. You do want to reduce your intake of sugar and processed carbs. Doing so can help you to lose weight, control blood sugar, and to stay full on less.


A common complaint from consumers is it costs so much more to eat better. Your health food store shouldn’t be charging you an arm and a leg for the items you wish to purchase. It all comes down to where you shop and who you buy them from. It should make you angry that junk food costs less than healthy foods at most retailers, so shop where the prices are justified.

Planning in advance will help you to save money on the items you select from a health food store. Look for items that are on sale too and incorporate them into your menu. Look for coupons and other types of discounts that can lower your overall price at the checkout on items you are going to buy anyway.

Comparing prices from one health food store to the next can be a great way to see who has the best options in place. You can use online tools and other resources to help you make those comparisons. Sometimes, a store will meet the same price as a competitor if you show them those other ads. It is worth it to find out what options you have with all of this.


While the majority of the vitamins and nutrients you consume should come through you diet, that isn’t always enough. Look for a health food store offering plenty of supplements so you can find what you need to add to your daily intake for an optimum level of health. Look for supplements made with quality ingredients so you aren’t putting anything harmful into your body.

Eating right, getting daily exercise, and maybe adding a few supplements can be the best way for you to look and feel your very best. If your habits aren’t the best right now, it is never too late to turn it all around! A healthy food store can be your ally in all of it!